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What Our Patients Are Saying...


"Words can not express how lucky I am to have Dr. Wall as our Family dermatologist.

 Personally I’ve had procedures such as fillers, botox and laser treatments such as Fraxel which has helped restore my complexion from dark spots,uneneven skin due to breakouts and yes aging.


Dr. Wall is caring, conservative and will not offer you unnecessary procedures.Even more importantly she advises her patients on  preventive measures that will keep your repaired complexion up.


Dr. Wall and her staff take pride in your results. They stay in touch after your procedure and make sure you are recovering well. I’ve highly recommended her to other family and friends who have also experienced positive results."

"Dr. Wall is an exceptional Dermatologist. When I came to Dr. Wall I suffered from severe acne and scaring.
With me being an African American male, I had been to other physicians that attempted to fix my issue but only left me worse.

She researched what worked best for my skin and provided an excellent care plan that actually has me looking better pre acne scaring.

I am in a profession where appearance is very important and thanks to Dr. Wall I feel I look my best always!"


“I started seeing Dr. Tomi Wall years ago when I first started using botox in my 40s.  Just a bit to hide a few lines. 


She was so careful and conservative. Over 10 years later a bit of filler, I look great, still natural and youthful.  I've moved and it now takes me over an hour to get to her. It doesn't matter. 


I have referred several people to her and they all feel the same regardless of the treatment. 


She is extremely kind, gentle, compassionate and great doctor with exceptional knowledge and skill ” 


"It's always a little intimidating meeting a new M.D., especially in an area you've historically had "problems" with, as I have with my skin. Not to worry!  Dr. Wall has a wonderful personality, listens, is kind, empathetic, and the most competent dermatologist I've had."

-J.C. C.


"Dr. Wall puts you right at ease and takes her time discussing your care and care options. Dr. Wall is amazingly skilled and knowledgeable."


"There's nothing better to me than to be complimented on my skin --  I say this only because I've struggled with acne for most of my life (seriously, from 9 years old, onward) but Dr. Wall can take all the credit for the nice things people say about my skin now and I'll sit here happily, knowing I've made a great investment and decision!"


"I've been a patient of Dr. Wall for almost 15 years.  As a Harvard trained doctor, she helped develop the fraxel laser still used as a state of the art tool to smooth the lines and wrinkles from your face. This and other treatments by Dr. Wall result in delightful compliments from my friends such as "you look younger than you did 10 years ago"."


"Happy Birthday to me!!!   I visited Dr. Wall right before my birthday. Well Dr. Wall is worth 10 stars.  Dr. Wall is the most pleasant and knowledgeable doctor I have ever had. She explained the procedure to me and..she also checked on my pain tolerance during the procedure.  After a couple of minor pinches from the laser we were done. After about a week there were no moles and no scarring.  Thank you very much Dr. Wall!"

-T P.


"I wouldn't trust anyone else with my face. I have had the Fraxel laser done a couple of times. She is very good at what she does."


"As a patient for three years, Dr. Wall has consistently exceeded my expectations.  Her technical knowledge and bed-side manner are both outstanding.  She has evaluated moles, removed some and referred me to a surgeon when necessary.  I've had chemical peels and a lot of liquid nitrogen to arrest years of sun damage and normal aging.  Dr. Wall makes me feel safe addressing concerns I avoided in my youthful overconfidence."


"Dr. Wall is not only a fantastic MD; but a lovely person as well.  I have had too much sun; lost most of the collagen in my arms and legs and am constantly filled with tags and pre cancers; she has always taken exceptionally good care of me and I appreciate her kindness and her great skill."


"I had the great fortune to discover Dr. Tomi Wall after seeing many dermatologists over the years.  I have a long history of sun exposure and subsequent skin damage, including Basal Cell and Squamous Cell Carcinoma.  Dr. Wall has always been detail oriented and precise, while gentle and thorough in her exams, recommendations and treatments.  I value her expertise and kind, careful manner." 





"I could not be happier with Dr. Wall. She's knowledgeable, understanding, helpful, kind and reliable. She helped me with a few small blemishes and was extremely reasonable in terms of her treatment plan. The results have been great! Highly recommended!!"


"Dr. Wall was a great fit for me. I explained my issues and she really listened. She explained what she was giving me and how it worked. I had great follow ups and great results. My face looks great and it's been 3 months since my last appt and my face still looks great."


"What stood out for me the most about her was that she really listened to what I had to say without interrupting me and didn't talk down to me.  Best of all, within days, the treatment she prescribed successfully cured me of the annoying symptoms that had been bothering me for months.  Dr. Tomi Wall gets my stamp of approval!"

-Maria B

“Dr. Tomi Wall is the best doctor I have ever had!  

She is a wonderful listener and a kind and caring doctor.  She is careful and thorough in her attention to details...


On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give her 100!”




"I have been going to Dr. Wall for years now and am always impressed. She does an incredible job creating a very comfortable and welcoming environment and always goes over and above with care."


"I've recommended Dr. Wall to my sisters and they love her as much as I do. She listens to your problems, questions, and goals and makes sure you accomplish them."


"My whole family sees Dr. Wall. She's great with kids as well as my husband and I. Her focus is where it should be - prevention. Very happy with this Doctor."


"Dr. Wall wrote prescriptions as we spoke and was steadfast at finding the root of issues. She was not merely concerned with remedying situations, but she was focused on finding the origin, prescribing treatment, and fostering prevention.


I left out of there feeling like everything was going to be okay. Thanks Dr. Wall, you're great."

-T. H.


"I have very fair skin and lots of sun damage from growing up in Australia and Dr. Wall has been amazing at treating my skin. A lot of what I needed was medical (burning off of precancerous cells) but some was cosmetic, and in both areas she has excellent personal skills and really took her time. She is nice and friendly and, as someone posted earlier, she really does care!  I thoroughly recommend her."


"Can't thank the staff enough and my great appreciation to Dr. Wall for helping finding a way to help me past a piece of my history."


"Honestly, I think this was the best doctor's appointment I ever had! Dr. Wall was very open, receptive, validating, and knowledgeable about what was going on."

-T. H.

"I'm so happy I found this practice. Couldn't more highly recommend."





"Dr. Wall was very friendly and caring. I felt as though she really took the time to do a complete check up and make sure that I was taken care of. I highly recommend her!


Dr Wall is kind and friendly, efficient, as well as a good listener. She seems to think of patients holistically and makes well informed recommendations. 


"For the first time since puberty, I have BEAUTIFUL skin, and I credit Dr. Wall...  She definitely cares about her patients.


"Wonderful and professional front office and back office. As soon as you step into the office you receive first class care."



"Her assistant, Marlene, is also a very special person. All of the staff is sweet and helpful. It's true as others have mentioned that Dr. Wall is so in demand that it may be 6-8 weeks before you can get an appointment. Just be sure to plan ahead, she is worth the wait!"


"I love Dr. Wall and her entire staff! Very friendly and personable. They all take the necessary time to make their patients comfortable.


"Dr. Wall is great at what she does, and is caring and very friendly. Put me at ease even though I'm a big chicken when it comes to doctors. Highly recommended! She books up about 2 months in advance though so be prepared to wait."


"Dr. Wall is an amazing dermatologist. She always takes the time to discuss and treat anything extra I may be concerned about. Dr. Wall is also very personable and calming when removing any questionable skin spots. I highly recommend her!"



"Dr. Wall genuinely cares about her patients and it shows. From acne to sunburns to warts to checking out freckles and moles and everything else, Dr. Wall does an amazing job at everything!!"

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